My design approach: Show what I mean, mean what I show


All we live through changes us; I’m not sure we always recognise ourselves in the mirror. Through my professional life – from designing for letterpress, silkscreen and ditto to working with code – I’ve developed a few continually morphing approaches to help me make useful, sustainable and effective design choices.

Here’s today’s quick summary:

Objectives-first. Projects begin with Mission and the site’s rôle in achieving business objectives.

Collaborative. Common resources and shared imagery project a unique vision. Audience and community are challenged to respond, reject, rejoice and change – both the vision and themselves.

Process-oriented. UX belongs to the user; design encourages positive experiences by providing results through productive, simple interaction – and a dash of anticipation.

Branding-identified. Design and content dominate a niche with ID image, voice, tone, attitude and expertise.

Structure precedes detail. Organisation harnesses diversity. Specification builds durability. Content is substance. Code is design.

I found my doll Ona behind a dumpster in Barcelona. She keeps me IRL, to do a better job for you.