PDQuin :: Teach, learn, teach

Learning is a process, not a product.

  • I help learners start where they’re comfortable. I encourage them to keep going for the Aha! moment. After that, they’re on their own.
  • As a teacher and developer of curriculum, I lay out tools, suggest resources, discuss varieties of materials. Along the way, I point out discontinuities, weaknesses in logic or facts, lapses in energy, loss of focus.
  • The learner does the work, sets objectives, follows their personal path, arrives at their personal goal.

Yes, and on the other hand.

  • There is always an ancillary fact. Always a minority opinion. Always a different slant.
  • In general, our society has begun to broaden our scope of reference to include viewpoints of women, the working and wish-they-were-working classes, youth, social minorities, religious variations, plants, animals, alien life-forms.

I’m not the universal expert.

  • I can take data, information, expert knowledge and build a sequence of learning steps to get students to where they understand, can use, own the subject.
  • Working with experts, I build an understanding of a subject or a skill. The pieces, the information, the contexts. An understanding to which I can lead other students, step by step.

I do information. I do facts. I do context. I do understanding.
Have a problem? A question? Something you want to teach – or learn?
Give a call, let’s chat.

A Vespa, an opportunity, orange
  Vespa or bicycle? Take what works.

  The opportunity to learn

  That's all any teacher can give students.
  — And the best we can do.

In some ways, I have always been a teacher. My nine years with elementary and middle school students in Santa Rosa rank among the most delightful of my life. In relation to my own crafts of design and writing, I find that when I share, I learn.

Dog training, crosswalk

Skill development
2009 :: Discover and Craft Your Writing Voice, with Prof Joan Minninger, Fromm Institute, USF
2007-08 :: English 307-8, Critical Thinking, College of Professional Studies, USF, with Prof Joan Minninger
2006 :: Type online, a course for content writers
2003 :: Academic writing for ESL students, tutoring group of City College students
1997 :: Book design for editors, Editcetera
1986 :: Book design, UC Santa Cruz Extension
1982 :: Print design and production, Ad Club II
1979 :: Ephemera design and production, a hands-on course, Junior League
1976-83 :: Design specifications and production processes, Bookbuilders West professional course in publishing
1976 :: Book design for visual artists, Artists in Print
1975 :: Sign language for parents, reading for kids, continuing programs in closing the gap, a community-based program developed and presented with Jess Grajeda, the World's First Deaf DJ
1974-80:: SF's first professional book design training course
1971 :: Baker training and new recipe development, Community Bakery

Edinburgh bookstore

2001 :: Safety training manuals, AcroSports
1999 :: World history + geography, Middle grades curriculum plan to meet new California guidelines, The Stuart School, Santa Rosa
1996 :: Freedom Sings, a puppet play about the American Revolution, The Stuart School
:: Mesopotamia, The Musical, Story of Gilgamesh written and performed by students, The Stuart School
1995 :: Club Minehan: 3 ways to bake – science lessons in bread, Merryhill Country School, Santa Rosa
:: Comix competition, compendium and Tshirt, Merryhill
:: Club Minehan Goes to Ireland, Merryhill
:: Nick o'teen? No, a history of St Nick, Merryhill
:: K.D.Z. Press newsletter, 2 issues, Merryhill
1994 :: The Nelson Operation: It's St Patrick's Day and Everyone Is Irish, Merryhill
:: History of India from the formation of the subcontinent to the present with a debate on caste between Indira Gandhi and Mother Theresa – written and performed by students, Merryhill
:: Kids' Democrat newsletter, 4 issues, Merryhill
1993 :: Halstead's Voyages: Stinky Sock and Smelly Sock, bilingual Japanese-English story fans, Merryhill
:: 6 Images from Undiscovered France, An introduction to culture, Merryhill
:: 4 African-American Heroes, Merryhill
:: Canada as never seen before, Merryhill
1992 :: Letrz to Rth, reading and writing, First Year Club, Merryhill
1991 :: Tales from the World of Kindergarten, reading readiness, stories dictated and illustrated by students, K-Kids, Merryhill

Online learning, caffe style

On-line learning
2013 :: Content Marketing, SkilledUp
2013 :: Student Orientation to on-line learning, Apollo Learning Systems
2012 :: Curriculum development and presentation: A workshop for teachers, Pogrebin Institute, Denver
2012 :: Critical Thinking, Apollo Learning Systems
:: Fundamentals of Mathematics, Apollo Learning Systems
2004 :: Writer's style guide wiki for mathematics series editors, Wadsworth
2001 :: Bidding software operation and reference guide, Orange County Transportation Authority

Find the right container in the yard.
  Find what you need now.

  Mind and spirit seek life.

  We ask.
  The world responds.


The world is a curious place. I enjoy looking into its details, especially in the neighbourhood of observed anomalies or around non-intuitive relationships. I enjoy, faced with technical challenges, exploring alternatives.

catv hookup to the infoweb

Information and learning
2013 Researching distance learning in conjunction with the course, E-learning & Digital cultures, Jeremy Knox et al, University of Edinburgh
2009 :: Pierre Bonnard; Social and political contexts, work in progress
2006 :: A reappraisal of Carlyle's Jocylin of Brakelund, for Prof Sheldon Rothblatt, Fromm Institute, USF
2005 :: Traditional values among Chinese-American children, for Prof Victoria Cha-Tsu Siu, Fromm Institute, USF
1994 :: Do recreational drug abuse or AZT cause AIDS?, a community study
1989 :: Fieldwork for study on Contemporary recrudescence of early medieval Provençal culture
1977 :: Working class prospects in Venice and Engaging the SF blue-collar community in urban growth, contributions to neighborhood design working paper
1965 :: Notes toward our history, Baltimore Museum of Art

Holding a purse

Production methods
1994-8 :: Experiments with live scans and scanner-platen assembly of print masters
1981 :: Digital advances in type design and production, nationwide study: Typographic composition automation, Center for Creative Studies, Detroit. 3D modeling of typographic forms, MIT, Cambridge. Production automation, Peterborough NH. Cross-platform digital type, Bigelow & Holmes, Cambridge
1978 :: Automatic letterspacing and the need for hand-kerning in phototypography, Artists in Print studies on phototype
1974 :: Modulation of proportions in the hand-cutting of punches, Artists in Print studies on phototype

Rain in hand

Personal development
1970 :: Gap year, publishing and German language studies in Hamburg
1962-64 :: Introduction to Greek language and society, William Albright, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore