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I write content, develop curriculum, design websites.

  • To simplify comprehension of complex data, information and processes.
  • To facilitate conversation and build community.
  • To enable mastery of knowledge and practical skills.

My work is about community and engagement.

  • To empower individuals and groups through training and clinics in language, web design, history. ESL writing. Tech-minim web design and upkeep. Business plans.
  • To provide experienced design services for print and web. We'll marry a clear message to expressive design – and produce it using current technology.
  • To bring planning and organization to all you do. I write curriculum for on-line or in-class courses, reports, slide shows. I manage home or office clean-up. I build storage and filing systems.

I bring fresh air, just in time.
Kamï-Kazê, the sacred wind that blows where it will, is the inspiration for ever-ready service and a can-do attitude.

Hire me now.
Let's start a conversation about topics of common interest. Send me an eMail, phone, find me on Instagram or drop by my San Francisco studio. For independent views on my skillset, ask my colleagues.

Victor faculty presentation
Detail from Víctor: Proposal for an on-line learning system, 2013
Brochure for web clinic at the Center, SF, in process
Flyer for web clinic in planning at The Center, SF, 2017
Gilgamesh play, cover and one page
Detail: Mesopotamia: The Musical, retelling of Gilgamesh, 1996
Bio website art
Detail: Headers for two pages from bio-tech startup company website, 2015
blank spacer
Paul and Vince in shadowland
  The Glamoure Spot team in Shadowland

  I'm interested in the ways we talk.

  From an encounter with a print shop in my youth,
  I fell into a fascination with type & words.
  I became a typographer.
  A writer. A teacher.
  A student of questions.


We never work alone. I strive every day to reflect the craft, the honour given to materials and processes and the technical creativity of my mentors, the pressmen and typesetters at The Waverly Press, MacKenzie & Harris and the Kingsport Press.

London eternal learner graffiti
Never stop learning. Or sharing. I'm interested in prehistory, Judaism and Islam, migrations and genocidal attempts, the spirit of design, how our brains and minds experience the world, world football, ways people make home a finer place. You? Always up for meeting folks who share interests. Write me.
Schipol koffiekop in Castro living room
Coffee was one of the many addictions of my Blue Ridge mountain folk – that or Cokes by the case. I chose coffee, prefer Ethiopian, enjoy collecting cups and brewing apparatus. Get in touch, let's share a pot.
Dutch doll on desk
Mi casa es un hospital de muñecas. With books, dolls fill the shelves in my office and cover my closet door. In each person, a world entire. In their dolls, rumours of lives both lived and imagined.
Quin's bike solution
  Quin Kennedy's OldTech mud-guard

  Keep moving, never give up.

  I have apprenticed to my craft all my life.
  The skills I have, I owe to those
  who take their time to teach me.


I'm a San Franciscan, born in DC, a bairn in ChiTown, to SF at 2. My heart has lived here ever since, with the fog and the sea air, the warm light, the white city on its hills, a hobnob of folk from all the world. Here, I raised my child, married, settled down. Here I live; from here I travel.

Like beating my head against Knowledge
  • BA, the Writing Seminars, Eliot Coleman, chair, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Internship, Baltimore City Planning Department, Daniel Stanton, mentor
  • Typography studies with Hermann Zapf, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Studies in history + literature, Fromm Institute, University of San Francisco
Vincie on his KwikPrint
  • Typesetting: Hot metal, phototype, reflective media, digital media
  • Press production: Letterpress, offset, photocopying, on-demand, virtual printing, downloads
  • Computer programs: TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, OpenOffice, GoogleDrive, Bootstrap, css, html, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, basic Photoshop + Illustrator
Graffiti French lady
  • English poetry, prose + technical explication are my first love.
  • Spanish, more reading than speaking, from my youth in California and an absorption with poets of the Spanish Civil War.
  • French, un peu thanks to my comadre, plus a little Itailan – my speech tends to the Venetian.
Scouts on bookshelf
  Scouting for adventures in books

  Talk with me.

  Expand our conversation; stimulate our thoughts.
  Creative thinking is a joy. Especially with a cupp'a – coffee.
  Or a walk in the fresh air, just in time.


Somewhere in the world, someone is waiting to sing what we write. Here are some ways to contact me.

Something's coming through the worm hole.
Meet me in cyberspace.
Carol in Sacramento
Find me at home.
  • Upstairs, on the corner, in the Castro. 3502 16th St, SF 94114, corner of Sánchez. We accept snail-mail.
  • Home in Sacramento with Vincie's mom (supra), feeling the love.
  • Enjoying the generations of family in LA, from Glendale to Pedro, across America, in Europe or in Japan.
Vincie Mini Union Jack Carryall
Catch me when I'm out and about.
  • Riding Muni's PUC and Milano trolleys back and forth to town.
  • Walking hill and dale: Shopping, visiting, enjoying the most beautiful city on earth.
  • Driving to Sac, Seattle, LA (or Chicago) in Pearl Harbour, my pepper-white Mini convertible. Top down all the time.
moth orchids, Icarus and Daedalus
  Orchids open to the sun.
  Icarus, celebrating freedom, forgot its dangers.

  The world is engaging.

  My site mirrors my mind.
  Images, not so much random as associative (like this).
  And links out to pages that may amuse and inform you.
  Or maybe it's confusing? If so, ignore the sidebars.


We are, at first, born into family, place, a role.
As we live out our life, we choose our true family, we find our place in this world, we create a role for ourselves that enables us to be creative, expressing who we are and who we hope to become.
Life itself is a mitzvah.

Causes I support

Médécins sans Frontières; Monde sans peur

Doctors without Borders brings aid and comfort to civilians in conflict zones and areas of natural disaster all over the world, regardless of state or statelessness, regardless of boycott or bad attitudes. They do what we wish we could, spread humankindness to those most in need. Other medical emergency groups are also worthy of your support: Red Cross/Red Crescent, first line of help in disasters, White Helmets risking their lives in Syrian battlegrounds, Planned Parenthood, offering healthcare services to women in underserved places, Recovery Point, fighting the Appalachian opioid epidemic one recovery at at time, or your local hospitals, hospices and homeless service centers.

Galería de la Raza rocks!

Galería de la Raza is a local arts education and activism centre in the Mission District of San Francisco. I got involved when my friend and teacher Rafael Maradiaga co-founded the program. It's been for many years a beacon of hope and change. Another helpful SF group is Creativity Explored, definitely worth a gallery visit and your support. Wherever you live, arts groups like these change lives. Choose one. Give it your support through visiting shows, volunteering and donations.

One free, all free: Movement for Black Lives helps everyone.

The Movement for Black Lives grew out of concerns that the lives of non-white people are held more cheaply than the lives of those of European descent. In America, it is the rare person who is not of mixed heritage. It's time we honour and celebrate our diversity. Time to make good on our Declaration's pledge of equality. Two other groups focusing on righting the fundamental inequality of Black Americans are Campaign Zero, a practical blueprint to end police violence, and Black Lives Matter. Related justice reform movements include Southern Poverty Law Center, Stanford’s Criminal Justice Center and Criminal Justice Reform, bringing forward religious values in relation to criminal justice. Every town and city has social, political and civil rights groups working on equality and hope. Get involved.

. . .

CBLDF: Stop censorship, open minds.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund faces up to censorship on the front line: Graphic novels and comix. The National Council of Teachers of English Center for Intellectual Freedom works on keeping open minds in schools. Open Internet access is supported by Global Internet Freedom Consortium, with PeaceFire helping youngsters and GreatFire focusing on freedom behind the China firewall. Every town and city has censorship challenges; don't let yours pass unnoticed. Save free speech.

Support the Advancement Project: Voting is a human right.

The Advancement Project works to protect every person's right to vote. Obama and Holder are behind the National Democratic Redistricting Committee for local redistricting reform. Project Vote works on a Constitutional amendment to support One Person/One Vote, The Brennan Center at NYU helps draft re-enfranchisement laws, and our old and constant friend the ACLU is there when we need them.

San Francisco, with freedom and justice for all.

The Center in San Francisco gives a home, and hope, to marginialised communities, especially LGBT and Queer folk. Anti-gay attitudes and actions have affected me the most of any exclusionary attitudes. Every person has their own history; find a group that supports those who suffer the way you suffered, to help remove that unnecessary chokehold on society and free up all people to do their best work.

Black Lives Matter gives us this image.

Each generation has its challenges. I feel privileged to live in a city that has responded creatively and with love to many generations of need, from supporting Navy personnel and the workers who kept them going during WWII, through the Beats and Hippies, to Gay Liberation and the AIDS crisis. Wherever you live, stand up for the values that define you. Care for the less fortunate. Every town can be a City of Refuge, a beacon for change. By our compassion and our creative imagination, we shall be known.

Interesting stuff

Random links to activities and information surrounding my life. I have found these people and groups of interest; you may too.

Professional sites that keep me up on best practices in design, content and coding

Innovations from the mind of Mars.

Designer and programmer Quin Kennedy continues to expand our understanding of the possibilities of virtual and real-life interactions in education, entertainment and the arts. (And he's our son.) Other inspiration comes from Kawandeep Virdee, both his work at WhichLight and the meetings he presents, SF Tech Poetics and Spotlight, and the poet Maw Shein Win, who is a print-based artist.

My first mentor in coding design was Robert Nealan of Designers Who Code. His program is a good one and his blog has useful tips and ideas.

Original Vincie: Carry Art into Your Life.

Designer and maker Vince Blaskovich at Vincie continues to push the boundaries of practical chic in everyday carry products. And he's the love of my life.

The photos

Most are taken by myself or my husband Vince Blaskovich. My point in using them is to open windows into my life and interests, so you might become acquainted with me. I use them to link to random sites you might find interesting, or not. Oh, and the double colons in the site menu also have random links. Hah.

Upside down dollhead on bookcase
  Turn my head upside-down.

  If you'd enjoy looking over some of my work,

  here are a few things to download.
  Use them, with credit to me as credit may be due.
  Build on them, add your own special sauce.
  Please don't sell them as your own.


Downloads are coming. Progressive enhancement!