Fresh air, just in time.

Truth is beauty
beauty, truth.
We are all, at best, hopeless romantics, jokers, blind folk in dark rooms.

All we can do is write, every day, to our friends + lovers, to our haunted selves, to our common memory. And try to explain how the world looks today, here.

Spontaneous writing, school bus, Oakland


My early writing teachers were Harold Bloom and Elliott Coleman. I do technical, scientific, educational + creative writing. I work with corporate clients, schools + community groups. I also edit, prepare manuscripts for design and typesetting and revise and reorganise textbooks and manuals.

Reference: Susan Catalano, colleague since 1979
Sr Director, Communications + eBusiness Strategy, BD Biosciences

Writing and editing highlights:

2014 :: Business plan, Pizza Angeli

2013 :: Print vs Digital: Concrete Tradition, Consider :: Paris Honeymoon, Promises to Keep v.1 :: diy science, Variations On 1:3

2012 :: Key differentiators, Apollo Learning Systems

2009 :: Developmental edit, a Tale of Vietnam, collaboration with author

2008 :: Business plan, History of the Purse, Vincie

2007 :: Mission statement, Neahof

2005 :: A personal take on three masters of the Spanish tongue, translations & critique of Machado, Neruda & García Lorca

2001 :: Personnel manual, AcroSports

1999-2004 :: Zipline newsletter, five years, AcroSports

1998 :: On-line style guide, organisation & content, Netscape

1997 :: Ancestral Rhythm: Afro-Cuban jazz, with John Santos, in Threads of Jazz series, Dizzie Gillespie Jazz Education Fund, Jazz in the City Committee on Education & Outreach, write, design, develop rhythm & dance notations, illustrate & produce

1995 :: El día de los dead, la historia de Maria, Club Minehan, Merryhill, write, illustrate & produce

1994 :: Real Matter, stories of photography, The Hartford Courant

1992 :: The Story of Gospel: Song & community, with resource & activity guide, in Threads of Jazz series, Jazz in the City Committee on Education & Outreach, write, design, illustrate + produce

1992 :: The Brave Story of Ütê Ruus, Diamond Travel Club

1989 :: Efficient Study Strategies, Usova, Brooks/Cole, developmental edit + design

1979 :: Meditations on food, Le Trou Restaurant Français, write, design + produce

1974 :: Food correspondent, Bay Guardian

1972 :: Manifesto, Gay Liberation Front

1967 :: Newsletter, Baltimore Farmers' Market, write, design + produce

1965 :: BA, the Writing Seminars, Eliot Coleman, chair, The Johns Hopkins University