Fresh air, just in time.

The opportunity
to learn.
That's all any teacher can give students. And the best we can do.

Observation, questioning, comprehension: Three steps to learning. Student at the Oakland Zoo.


In some ways, I have always been a teacher. My eight years with elementary and middle school students in Santa Rosa rank among the most delightful of my life. In relation to my own crafts of design and writing, I find that when I share, I learn.

Reference: Donna Kelley, colleague since 1976
Apollo Group


2013 :: Student Orientation on-line course, Apollo Learning Systems

2012 :: Techniques for curriculum development & presentation: A workshop for teachers, Pogrebin Institute, Denver

2012 :: Sample on-line courses in Critical Thinking and Mathematics, Apollo Learning Systems

2009 :: Discover & Craft Your Writing Voice, with Prof Joan Minninger, Fromm Institute, USF

2007-08 :: English 307-8, Critical Thinking, College of Professional Studies, USF, with Prof Joan Minninger

2006 :: Type online, a course for web content writers when Yahoo fired their designers

2004 :: Writer's style guide wiki for mathematics series editors, Wadsworth

2003 :: Academic writing for ESL students, privately taught to a City College group

2001 :: Self-paced, online bidding software operating course & reference guide, Orange County Transportation Authority

2001 :: Safety training manuals, AcroSports

1999 :: World history + geography, Middle grades curriculum plan to meet new California guidelines

1997 :: Book design for editors, Editcetera

1996 :: Freedom Sings, a puppet play about the American Revolution :: Mesopotamia, The Musical, Story of Gilgamesh written & performed by students, The Stuart School

1995 :: Club Minehan: 3 ways to bake – science lessons in bread :: Comix competition, compendium & Tshirt :: Club Minehan Goes to Ireland – storytelling :: Nick o'teen? No, a history of St Nick :: K.D.Z. Press newsletter, 2 issues, Merryhill Country School

1994 :: The Nelson Operation: It's St Patrick's Day & Everyone Is Irish – A history of Ireland :: History of India from the formation of the subcontinent to the present with a debate on caste between Indira Gandhi & Mother Theresa – written & performed by students :: Kids' Democrat newsletter, 4 issues, Merryhill Country School

1993 :: Halstead's Voyages: Stinky Sock & Smelly Sock – a story told in bilingual Japanese-English fans :: 6 Images from Undiscovered France – An introduction to French culture :: 4 African-American Heroes :: Canada as never seen before – An introduction to Canadian history, Merryhill Country School

1992 :: Letrz to Rth – reading & writing, First Year Club, Merryhill Country School

1991 :: Tales from the World of Kindergarten – reading readiness, stories dictated & illustrated by students, K-Kids, Merryhill Country School

1986 :: Book design, UC Santa Cruz Extension

1982 :: Print design & production, Ad Club II

1979 :: Ephemera design and production, a hands-on course, Junior League

1976-83 :: Presentations on design specifications & production processes for several years, Bookbuilders West professional course in publishing

1976 :: Book design for visual artists, first of many courses for Artists in Print

1975 :: Sign language for parents, reading for kids, continuing programs in closing the gap, with Jess Grajeda, the World's First Deaf DJ

1974-80 :: Professional book design training class, first known in SF; of five students in '74 class, all had successful publishing careers

1971 :: Baker training & new recipe development, Community Bakery