Fresh air, just in time.

Order is in relationship,
not location.
The trick is to make obvious the inherent logic of sets of objects or data.

One looks at sources, uses, derivations + dependencies. Depending on its character, a project becomes an opera, an adventure, a music video or a catalog.

In any case, transparent, useful, capable of being kept current.

On a wall in Cataluña, a comment on the impossibility of order.


I organise, not just books, websites and documents but also places, programs and production. An awareness of relationships and dependencies is among my greatest talents. I make and keep schedules and budgets, set up filing systems, structure websites.

Reference: Dorrie Huntington, colleague since 1984
Executive Director, AcroSports, A nonprofit center for gymnastics, urban circus and aerial arts

Books produced + other management highlights:

2013-14 :: Residential re-organisation, Aunt Elaine’s

2012 :: Facilitator, Staff planning retreat, AcroSports

2011 :: Facilitator, Staff planning retreat, AcroSports

2010 :: Browser-based, thumb-drive employee manual with links to references & resources, Therapy stores

2009 :: Eldersexual campaign, brochures, sponsor coordination, website launch, Merck

2009 :: Facilitator, Staff planning retreat, AcroSports

2008 :: Corporate ID including logo type, Vincie

2007 :: Corporate ID including website launch, New England Association on Hiv Over Fifty

2004-07 :: NAHOF Connection newsletter, National Association on Hiv Over Fifty, production, design + writing

2003 :: Capital plan, AcroSports

2002 :: Corporate ID including website launch, AcroSports

2001 :: Corporate ID, National Association on Hiv Over Fifty, production + design

2001 :: Site development, plans & execution, AcroSports, production + content

1998 :: Board handbook & 5-year plan, AcroSports, production + writing

1998 :: Equipment design, safety procedures & maintenance standards, AcroSports, production + content

1997 :: Development on Stanyan Street, a community presentation for the Board of Supervisors, HANC

1997 :: Employee handbook, HR procedures, job descriptions, AcroSports, production, content + design

1989 :: Fundamentals of Nursing, Kozier/Erb/Bufalino, Addison-Wesley, production + design

1989 :: Theories of Personality, Ryckman, Brooks/Cole, production, design + art direction

1988 :: Care Planning Pocket Guide, Lederer et al, Addison-Wesley, production + design

1988 :: MP286 Laptop Sales Manual, Mitsubishi, production + design

1987 :: Hands-On AppleWorks, Luehrmann/Peckham, Computer Literacy, production + design

1987 :: Out of Our Kitchen Closets, Moskowitz (Ed.), Congregation Sha'ar Zahav, production + design

1984 :: Prisoners of the Deep, Andersen, Harper & Row, production, design + art direction

1984 :: Stairway Walks in San Francisco, Bakalinsky, Lexikos, production + design

1981 :: Song of Heyoehkah, Storm, Harper & Row, production, design + art direction

1979 :: Book show catalogue, Bookbuilders West

1967-73 :: Production department supervisor, set up procedures & forms, hired & trained staff, oversaw complete list, W.H. Freeman & Co.

1966 :: Promotional ephemera, Williams & Wilkins, production, writing + design

1965 :: Invitations, greeting cards, catalogs, calendars, The Baltimore Museum of Art, production, writing + design

1963 :: San José Master Plan, City Planning Department, production, writing, maps + design