Fresh air, just in time.

We never walk alone.
I strive in my work to reflect the craft, the honour given to materials & processes and the technical creativity of my mentors, the pressmen and typesetters at The Waverly Press, MacKenzie & Harris and the Kingsport Press.

A journeyman at work: Mechanics' Monument by Douglas Tilden at Donahue Plaza, in the shadow of the iconic Zellerbach Building.
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Making the world make sense

Today, in 2013, I am focused on education.

■   On-line courses and on-line context

■   Real-life experiences in support of virtual learning

■   Strong learning communities.

Places I've been that have brought me where I am:

I am a writer.

'No one else can do logical, succinct and engaging so well.' - John Zussman

■   Learning environments – from existing physical-world materials or from scratch – content development, objectives/activities/outcomes, peer + faculty interaction matrices, glossaries, research maps.

■   Training materials, tech user guides, quickstarts, personnel manuals, help documentation, technical manuals.

■   History, urban life, historical matrices, personal stories.

I am a designer.

'No other designer is so intimately engaged in the editorial aspect of his work.' - Karen Judd

■   Teaching materials, textbooks, cyber-courses, monographs, cookbooks.

■   Websites, links, libraries, discussions, wikis, discussion forums, image + ID.

■   User guides, style guides, training manuals, technical manuals, study guides, case studies.

I am a teacher.

'Everything I know about making sense, I learned from Paul.' - Susan Catalano

■   Writing, technical, scientific, creative, professional, autobiography.

■   Design + typography, presentations, file structures, newsletters, corporate style, print design + production, book design + specification, web pages + coding, types + grids.

■   History, roots of writing, medieval + modern life, horses + men, Mediterranean civilsation, the great Steppe.

I am an organizer.

'He masters order, budget, staff & schedules to give me what I need.' - Donna Kelley

■   Mission statements, nonprofit governance, planning retreats, business plans, community initiatives.

■   Production, budgets + schedules, dependency charts, troubleshooting.

I am an explorer.

'You've heard about dogs and bones? Paul pursues answers to earth's end.' - Misha Markov

■   Research, resource development, bibliographies, reviews.

■   Development, needs assessment, technological options, cost analysis, business plans.