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Mind and spirit search the heart of life.
We ask, the world responds.

Anna's eye2
L'occhio creativo di Anna Corcione a Napoli


The world is a curious place. I enjoy looking into its details, especially in the neighbourhood of observed anomalies or around non-intuitive relationships. I enjoy, faced with technical challenges, exploring alternatives.

Reference: Quin Kennedy, colleague since birth
Designer + programmer, Rockwell Group Labs

Mentors and pet projects:

2013 :: Researching distance learning in conjunction with the course, E-learning & Digital cultures, Jeremy Knox et al, University of Edinburgh

2009 :: 'Pierre Bonnard; Social & political contexts', work in progress

2006 :: 'A reappraisal of Carlyle's Jocylin of Brakelund', for Prof Sheldon Rothblatt, Fromm Institute, USF

2005 :: 'Traditional values among Chinese-American children', for Prof Victoria Cha-Tsu Siu, Fromm Institute, USF

1994 :: 'Do recreational drug abuse or AZT cause AIDS?', a community study

1994-98 :: Experiments with live scans & platen assembly of print masters

1989 :: Fieldwork for 'Contemporary recrudescence of early medieval Provençal culture'

1981 :: 'Digital advances in type design & production', nationwide study including interviews on typographic composition automation at the Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, 3D modeling of typographic forms at MIT, production automation in the magazines of Peterborough, cross-platform digital type designs of Bigelow & Holmes

1978 :: 'Automatic letterspacing and the need for hand-kerning in phototypography', Artists in Print studies on phototype

1977 :: 'Working class prospects in Venice', contribution to neighborhood design working paper, 'Engaging the SF blue-collar community in urban growth'

1974 :: 'Modulation of proportions in the hand-cutting of punches', Artists in Print studies on phototype

1970 :: Gap year, publishing & German language studies in Hamburg

1965 :: 'Notes toward our history', the Baltimore Museum of Art

1962-64 :: Introduction to Greek language & society, William Albright, The Johns Hopkins University