Fresh air, just in time.

Keep moving,
never give up.
I have apprenticed to my craft all my life. The skills I have, I owe to those who took the time to teach me.

Hopkins has always been good at cross-country, lacrosse and academics.


■   BA, the Writing Seminars, Eliot Coleman, chair, minor in city planning, The Johns Hopkins University

■   Internship, Baltimore City Planning Department, Daniel Stanton, supervisor

■   Typography studies with Hermann Zapf, Rochester Institute of Technology

■   Studies in history + literature, Fromm Institute, University of San Francisco


■   Typesetting in hot metal, phototype, reflective media, digital media

■   Programs: TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, OpenOffice, GoogleDrive, RapidWeaver, css, html, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, basic Photoshop + Illustrator

■   Press production in letterpress, offset, photocopying, on-demand, virtual printing, downloads


■   English poetry, prose + training languages are my first love.

■   Spanish, more reading than speaking, from my youth in California and an absorption with the poets of the Spanish Civil War.

■   French, un peu thanks to my comadre, plus a little Itailan – in speaking it’s Venetian.


Sidewalk graffiti by Jeremy Novy, San Francisco 2012