Fresh air, just in time.

Design is a window, not a mirror.
The best website does what you want it to do, without your having to consider how it's done.

The best book makes you happy – a meaningful experience from the first page.

The best writing makes you want to sing and laugh.

I can't always get there, but that doesn't stop me trying.

Oakland Bay Bridge tower in build August 2012


As a book designer, I trained with Jerry Dadds at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Robert Ishi at W.H. Freeman & Co and Hermann Zapf at the Rochester Institute of Technology. As I mastered technique, I took on apprentices and taught design and production around the Bay Area. I have specialised in the design of textbooks and training manuals and the presentation of complex information. A constant pioneer of new technologies, I am now taking my book skills onto the web.

Reference: John Zussman, PhD, colleague since 1982
Owner, Logical Arts

A few favourite design moments:

2013 :: Bullet Bio, website for a cancer-fighting start-up, design, art + editing

2012 on :: This PDQuin website, an experiment in coding, design, writing + production

2011 :: AAR Online, the website for the Association of Author's Representatives, a literary and dramatic agents group, editing, production + site maintenance (did original design in Wild Apricot, re-design by another firm in 2014)

2010 :: HIV over 50, a website for the National Association on HIV over Fifty, design, writing + production

2009 :: Quininger, student writings, Fromm Institute, USF, design + production

2008 :: Oxford Messenger Bag, hangtags, publicity materials, silkscreen design, for Vincie and MTTS'08

1998 :: Calendars & meditations, JFCS, design, writing + production

1997 :: Catalog of recordings, Chanticleer, design + production

1996 :: Early house design system for use on B-list books and supplements, Addison-Wesley

1994 :: The Private Concert Series, programs & invitations, Kronos Quartet, live scans, design + production

1992 :: PenPoint Quickstart for handwriting operating system, GO Corp.

1991 :: Database-direct design matrix, architectural & user interface references for PenPoint, GO Corp.

1991 :: Xerox DocuTech Publishing System installation SF, test run, Tales from the World of Kindergarten – sysem typeset texts, scanned drawings, paginated & printed electronically

1990 :: From a Breton Garden, Araldo, Aris Books/Addison-Wesley, design + art direction

1988 :: Workshop leader's guide, Preparing for the Drug (Free) Years, Catalano/Hawkins, Developmental Research

1988 :: Paradox 2.0 manual series, Ansa Software

1988 :: Truescan User's Guide, Calera

1985 :: Consulted on menu structure in Ventura Publisher, the first book design & layout program, beta-test 1986

1984 :: First commercial use of laser printer to create type masters for textbooks, QR Inc

1984 :: Stairway Walks in San Francisco, Bakalinsky, Lexikos, produced at QR

1983 :: Silkscreen horticultural cards, Galeria de la Raza

1982 :: First edition layouts & production, Kapit & Elson's Anatomy Coloring Book

1981 :: Typography studies with Hermann Zapf, Rochester Institute of Technology

1980 :: Call for Entries, Bookbuilders West Book Show

1979 :: The Child's Peninsula, Phillips, Perseverance Press, design, art direction + production

1978 :: Ad-hoc committee on the classification of typefaces for use across multiple imaging devices, Xerox PARC

1972 :: Designing the Urban Landscape, studies with Lawrence Halprin, UC Extension

1968 :: Offset science text from pasted-up boards, Gilluly Waters & Woodford, Geology, W.H. Freeman & Co, collaboration

1966 :: Photostrip composition to offset, monthly calendar, The Baltimore Museum of Art

1965 :: Letterpress exhibition invitations, The Baltimore Museum of Art

1965 :: Print design studies with Jerry Dadds

1964 :: Urban design studies with Daniel Stanton, Baltimore Department of City Planning

1962-64 :: Art history studies with Phoebe Stanton, The Johns Hopkins University