I Thank You All

I'd like to thank
The Members of the Academy, my Grandfather and all my fellow actors.

Presenter, Mini Cooper rally

Standing on the shoulders

’There have been only three original ideas in the history of mankind: Prometheus’ hand-struck fire, the Wright brothers’ heavier-than-air flight and Jonas Salk’s live vaccine.’ – J.P.Leake, Jr

’Steal with both hands.’ – David Goines

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CV quotes are as I recall them.

Karen Judd is a skilled editor and teacher of editing with whom I worked in the early days of Bookbuilders West as we were inventing publishing education.

John Zussman is a visionary with whom I worked on a long series of software development projects, winning awards for our manuals four years in a row. His writing now appears in As It Ought to Be.

Susan Catalano is the marketing world's Renaissance Man, expert in everything, even ice hockey; we have worked together over many years across a series of innovative companies. She keeps trying to teach me what 'branding' means.

Donna Kelley and I met as pioneers of computer typesetting; now she's pushing the publishing envelope to include new concepts in online and distributed education – we each consider the other the perfect person to call in a pinch.

Misha Markov, a Russian artist living in SF, worked with me to mount an exhibit of paintings recording the modern Soviet Jewish experience.

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