Fresh air, just in time.

Ask my colleagues
The quality of my work is directly related to the quality of the people with whom I have been privileged to work.

These few, all old friends – including my nephew, my son and my comadres – have perhaps the most to say about . . .

What it's like to work with me.

What I bring to projects.

What an employer can expect.

Selected references

street guyd

Apollo Group

Knows my recent work with on-line courses, plus we have collaborated for nearly 30 years.


Logical Arts

Knows my recent writing work, plus we have collaborated for nearly 30 years.


Bullet Bio

Developed his startup website, plus he's known me all his life.

S Cat

BD Biosciences

Knows my recent corporate image work, plus we worked together years at Netscape + AOL.



Knows my recent work leading staff retreats, plus we worked together 10 years on AcroSports Board.

Q character

Rockwell Group Labs

Studied in my classes for 9 years growing up, now designs + programs interactive environments.