Fresh air, just in time.

Will work for food
caffèTo merge form and content in one coherent presentation creates consistent delight.

The other things I like are a good mystery, walking out at dawn, a hot cupp'a java and a home-cooked meal.

Perfection is work designing + writing teaching materials that pays for my food. Plus a book and a trip now and then to somewhere it's fun to walk around.

Amor y paz.

Paz y amor.

On-line communication is my passion.

Teaching critical thinking at USF a few years ago, I put materials on the web. Simple student access + low production costs. I set up to receive, correct and grade papers on-line. The experience left me seriously bullish on on-line interaction. This past year, I designed a virtual, critical-thinking course + a training course for instructional design. Now, I'm more than excited.

What do I do?

Design + write for the web.

Beginning with a concept or existing materials, I can write, design and set up a website, on-line course or eBook. I work to objectives, create or discover appropriate links + other resources and weave narratives. I write instructions, draw up forms, present data, build study guides, write help documentation.

Write + design supporting materials.

On-line operations use many types of materials; I do them all. Greetings + messages. Step-by-step instructions. Backgrounders. Annotated bibliographies. Discussions and FAQs. Citation reviews. Study + reference guides. Quickstart guides. In print, html, rtf or pdf format.

Create introductions + train instructors.

On-line interactions need faciliation. I help with slideshows, policy documents, short-courses, presentations on differentiators, top features + functionality, handbooks. I present these as interactive web pages, downloadable documents or eBooks.

For decades, I have pushed the envelope on ways to present information. From letterpress to offset – a revolution in quality + variety that let publishers experiment with new formats: Heavily illustrated texts, colouring-book texts, tech user + programmer guides, cartoon how-tos. I started an early laser typesetting service. Designed, wrote and produced on-line, multi-media tech newsletters. Built and filled on-line content repositories.

London learner

Now I'm working on collaborations – experts, cloud and community. If you're involved in the on-line communication of information and the construction of community knowledge, I'd like to help.

Here are some references if you want to know how my colleagues have experienced my work.

Student on an abandoned building, London