Fresh air, just in time.

I'm interested in the ways we talk.
From an encounter with a print shop in my youth, I fell into a fascination with type & words.

I became a typographer.
A writer. A teacher.
A student of questions.
In discussion with Vince, Juels + John at Lizard Hill


Paul D Quin :: Words, Theory, Form.

I write content, develop curriculum, design websites.

   To simplify comprehension of complex data, information and processes.

■   To facilitate conversation and build community.

■   To enable mastery of knowledge and practical skills.

My work now concentrates in three areas.

   Teaching and training, on-line or in-class, leveraging learning styles and traditions for a personal education with practicum and remedium.

■   Creating materials, virtual or analog, using image and word to build comprehension and stimulate imagination.

■   Design and typography, combining shapes, hierarchies, relationships and structures to express intent – and hold attention.

What you need, when you need it.

Kamï-Kazê, the sacred wind that blows where it will, is the inspiration for ever-ready service and a can-do attitude.

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Hire me now.

Or, at least, let's start a conversation about topics of common interest.
Email, visit my Facebook page or drop by the San Francisco studio.
If you want independent views on my skillset, ask my colleagues.